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We love our garlic, we love to plant it, tend it, and harvest it, too. Join us for an interactive tour and get to know our processes and our people.

Raised beds have been prepared for planting
Raised beds have been prepared for planting
  • Raised beds have been prepared for planting
  • A beautiful view of the garlic field
  • The leaves are falling and the weather is perfect for planting!
  • Planting under plastic to keep the garlic warm during the cold winter
  • Mulching between the rows to make for a nice pathway without weeds
  • Hand planting with compost and bone meal to give these cloves a jump start at life
  • Spring has arrived and the garlic is growing beautifully
  • Soon the garlic scapes will appear
  • Harvesting the scapes so the garlic bulbs will continue to grow
  • Hard at work picking the scapes
  • Our little helper packing the scapes to sell
  • The flower seeds that develops on the Elephant garlic
  • Our experimental gardens
  • Harvesting the garlic fields with the harvester
  • After harvesting, the garlic lays in the field for a short period of time before taking to the barn to continue drying
  • The garlic is now ready to continue drying in the barn
  • Before taking garlic to the barn to dry, we make sure each variety is labeled
  • The garlic is ready to be sized and bundled before putting on the drying racks
  • One of the ways we clean the garlic before drying
  • Busy working
  • The garlic is now bundled and drying nicely on the racks
  • One of our little helpers
  • Our two granddaughters came all the way from Atlanta to help us with the harvest
  • Getting ready for the farmer’s market
  • Elephant garlic that has been harvested
  • Working at the farmer's market with some fresh garlic and scapes